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Serving individuals and businesses within the Art, Cosmetology, Photography, Publishing, Flooring, Interior Design, Ranching, Real Estate,  Insurance, Medical, IT, Electronics, and Software industries. 

Leighann is a vital part of our team, participating fully in the marketing, production, management and financial aspects of this small business. She has an ability to juggle multiple tasks while maintaining an eye on deadlines and priorities; using her endless energy to help keep us ‘on point’ when tasks and temperaments seem insurmountable. Leighann’s ongoing research and quest for knowledge provide boundless new and exciting ways to do business.


~Betsy Crowfoot, Ultimate Sailing

 Celebrating the award winning

Ultimate Sailing calendar by Sharon Green

We chose Obstacles Solutions for our bookkeeping services because Leighann is very detail oriented. She kept all of our books very organized and easily accessible for us. She color-coded everything! She also repaired everything for our CPA. She knew exactly what they needed and how to provide it. Leighann is easy to work with and we would always recommend her as a great bookkeeper.

~Eric Gordon, The Product Photography Studio

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